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West Bengal Land Reforms and Tenancy Tribunal, Kolkata

Published on January 31, 2012 by   ·   4 Comments

The WEST BENGAL LAND REFORMS AND TENANCY TRIBUNAL Act, 1977 was published on 12th December, 1997. (vide notification No. 2788-F, dated 12.12.97). It came into effect on and from 3.8.1998 (vide Notification no. 4238-Estt. dated 3.8.1998). In the Act there is provision for dealing with the matter relating to :-

1.The W.B. Estate Acquisition Act ,1953.

2.The W.B. Land Reforms Act , 1956.

3.The W.B. Restoration of Alienated Land Act, 1973.

4.The Calcutta Thika Tenancy (Acquisition and Regulation) Act , 1981.

5.The W.B. Acquisition of Homestead Land for Agricultural Labourers , Artisans and Fishermen Act, 1975.

6.The W.B. Premises Tenancy Act, 1997.



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Readers Comments (4)
  1. Ziaul Islam says:

    I would like to see daily cause list of the west bengal administrative tribunal

  2. Ziaul Islam says:

    west bengal administrative tribunal

  3. Pradip Kumar Patra, Advocate says:

    wblrtt cause list may be updated at least one month or two weeks before. the cuase lists are not maintained properly.
    Please do not ignore the same.

    • Moin says:

      I need the act document to understand the WBLRTT law.I’m dealing with one of land issue where entire section of the society in a mouza in Hooghly district is aggrieved due to some unlawful land recorded by some culprit people.Pls can anyone forward me link or document to me in

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